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1. Can I watch my camper at camp?
Once check in is completed NO ONE is allowed on the field, in the dorms, or in the buildings except the camp staff. If you watch, it will have to be from the stands.

2. Does my camper need to bring cash?
We recommend that campers do not bring cash. No cash will be needed. The HSC staff will not be responsible for any lost cash or money.

3. Can my camper bring medication?
All medication will need to include a note from a parent or guardian giving their permission for their camper to take it, and instructions for doses. MAKE SURE TO WRITE YOUR FULL NAME ON ALL MEDICATIONS.

4. Will the campers be divided up by age?
Yes. Safety is a priority at the HSC. Using the information given on the registration form we will divide the campers by age.

5. Which Meals are provided?
Overnight campers will recieve breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the GSC dining hall. Day Campers will recieve lunch (only) in the GSC dining hall each day

6. Can my camper call home? CAMP CELL PHONE POLICY.
Campers can bring their cell phone, but will give it to a camp chaperone when they arrive. Campers will be given 30 minutes per day in the evening to call home. Should there be an emergency a member of the camp staff will contact you immediately. Additionally you will be given a number by the GSC staff to call if you have an emergency and need to contact your camper.

7. Will there be Medical Staff Onsite?
We will have athletic trainers on site. Our athletic trainers WILL NOT have medication to provide to the campers. Again, you must bring your own. Ice and water will be available during all training sessions.